6:59 AM

Thursday, 26th May 2011

Having survived another torturing day, I have to brave through another boring off day. This is what I had been doing the whole day:-

1.30pm: Woke up and stared at the wall

1.45pm: Brushed my teeth and washed my face

1.50pm: Had a few biscuits and switched on my lappie.

1.55pm: Checked my Facebook, played a few Facebook games.

2.30pm: Got bored with Facebook, read "Watermelon" (downloaded ebook)

3.30pm: Got bored with Watermelon at page 69. Played Feeding Frenzy. Thought of dad while
playing this game (coz it has a lot of fishes in the ocean)

4.45pm: Finished the whole series of Feeding Frenzy 2. Bored again. Wanted to play my violin.

4.47pm: Picked up my violin, my housemate just came back. Put the violin back.

4.49pm: Paced around my room like a caged dog.

4.55pm: Still pacing, thinking whether to mop the floor or not.

5.15pm: Still thinking whether to mop the floor (this time while sitting on my bed). Decided
against it so as not to be called a cleanliness freak.

5.30pm: Now thinking of which book I should start reading.

5.45pm: Still thinking about the same subject.

6.00pm: Yay!! Dinner time!!

6.10pm: Arrived at Platinum Cafe. Craving for chicken rice but noticed that the stall has gone
"bankrupt". Ordered Penang char mee and a glass of teh peng instead.

6.20pm: Char mee arrived. It was very salty, did not taste good and expensive. Was thinking should fry it myself the next time.

6.23pm: Wait.. I don't know how to fry mee. Only know how to fry rice. Cham...

6.25pm: Noticed that the mee had "lap chang" or chinese sausage. Should I eat them and risk getting infected with the infamous "black pig disease"?

6.30pm: The Penang char mee stall worker was cutting her/ his toenails in front of the raw mee, kueh tiau and clean plates. I lost my appetite liau...

6.31pm: No longer eating now but was drinking my teh peng while scrutinizing the worker. Is worker a she or a he? Well, he/ she seemed to be wearing a bra, so must be a she..

6.32pm: I wondered how Yen Shin looks like wearing a bra. (Hahahahaha..)

6.40pm: Went to Speedmart 99 to buy some biscuits. Saw a rack of mothballs and thought of Lilian.

6.45pm: Passed by Carrefour and was still thinking of Lilian.

6.56pm: Saw a tractor and thought of Wilmer.

6.58pm: Saw a grey-haired aunt and thought of mum (Ooopss..)

7.03pm: Reached my room. My housemate went out

7.20pm: Took my violin out and played it.

10.15pm: Blogged and wondered why I blogged.

10.16pm: Was secretly hoping that one day, one of the publishers or editors would take notice of my blog and help me publish it into a book (like Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Harpern)

10.28pm: Logged off from Blogspot.

5:06 AM

Wednesday, 4th May 2011

Truth is, one should never tempt me with durians. I will definitely get tempted. 2 months ago, someone in the webcam tempted me by eating durians ( the yellowish, warm, fleshy and big type which makes your mouth water even when just by looking at it). And boy, ever since then I am always on the hunt for durians.

And finally after much perseverance, I have found it today!! Some more it's on offer! I started loading my shopping basket with durians.

Now, my room smells like someone who had just farted badly. Or maybe even 10 people farted and left the room.

But the real truth is, I farted 4 times 5 minutes ago after eating those durians.. and still farting now..

7:53 AM

Monday, 2nd May 2011

I always love bath time. For me, bath time sometimes is a hydrotherapy; warm water splashing on your body and making you relax. Often, I would take my thoughts into the bathroom with me as well.

Today, I was thinking about all sorts of questions- how to earn more money, where is my violin certificate, etc.. I was so intent on solving and contemplating on my problems....

....Only to realise that I forgot to soap myself after I had left my bathroom.

4:35 AM

Thursday, 28th April 2011

It is a universal truth: Most girls are shopaholic.

I, too, am a shopaholic. But I don't go on a shopping spree to buy shoes, handbags, dresses, boots or whatever you call them. I buy BOOKS. Yes, it's true. I suck when it comes to books.. Really.. I have this addiction which I can't seem to control whenever I am in a bookshop, especially one with great discounts.

Today, after much hesitation I finally went to BookXcess, a bookshop with sells crazily CHEAP books in Petaling Jaya area. I had been refraining myself to go there for the past few months lest I will spend all my salary on the oh-so-amazing books.

At about 2.30 this afternoon I had finally mustered my courage and using my brother as an excuse, I boarded the LRT to Taman Jaya and bingo! I was in BookXcess. (My brother wanted a illustrated version of Percy Jackson and I promised I'd help him get it).

The moment I stepped into the bookshop I felt like I was experiencing orgasm (ok, that was exaggerated). But I definitely couldn't breathe for a moment and was gawking at the sight of the books. I even sillently muttered a Don't-Lose-My-Control prayer and did a five-minute meditation and controlled breathing to help me remain calm and composed (this is true!).

Heck, after all the browsing I almost forgot about my brother's Percy Jackson.

Worse still, they offered me a free membership after I had paid all the books. To hell with all the financial guide books. I am so not going to have a lifetime savings this way..

8:03 PM

I am tired..

There are times where the only thing you can experience is negative thoughts or feelings. It is then when you find yourself questioning what you are doing is correct, or maybe it's just an illusion cocked up by yourself, made-believed into something more wonderful.

You find yourself asking...

How fair the world is...

Is it true what I am thinking about?

Praying hard, I wish I can get out of this situation, a situation where no one can hear me..

And during these times, you really wish to fall into a very deep sleep and never wake up again.. For you are very tired of the world around you..

11:12 AM


Crap!! My previously-nice-flower-blog template is gone!! Due to some technical problem, some lousy user at photobucket didn't update his account. So, by background has to be changed to polka dots. Blech...

Due to facebook-ing, my blog has been neglected for quite some time now. Realised that I am not the only one.. Hehe..

Well, gonna start blogging again (funny how i say that most of the time) but this time it is for REAL.. Will be bringing a cam wherever i go so guys, be ready in case of your candid shots being posted on the net!!!

1:15 AM

New Moon


Can't wait for this movie to be released...